Chinese Cuisine and Food Recipes (with Pictures)

Wherever we travel in this world, whether it’s in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, or Australia, it’s so easy to find Chinese food restaurants. Very tasteful and rich in seasonings, Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular dishes in the world.

Besides available in many restaurants, foods from this East Asian country are also pretty easy to cook, with easy to get ingredients. That’s why many people love to search for Chinese food recipes with the pictures.

Chinese food recipes are also very diverse, with main staples are including rice, noodles, tofu, vegetables, and various meats (chicken, pork, shrimp, duck, etc.). You can check some of the most popular recipes in this site, which include:

General Tso’s Chicken
Some said that the dish that mainly consists of large chunk of boneless chicken was founded by a famous Chinese general from Qin dynasty, while others even said that the recipe was not from China at all. Whatever it is, this food is very delicious with royal taste!


Chicken Noodle with Wonton
Noodles and wonton (dumplings), two ingredients that often found in Chinese food recipes! However, this chicken noodle with wonton isn’t an actual Chinese cuisine. It’s a modified menu that very popular in South East Asian countries.


Fortune Cookie
A food that very easy to find in American Chinese restaurants. It’s actually just a regular crispy cookie with unique shape. What makes it special is the hidden message in the form of wisdom words, quotes, or lucky numbers inside it. Funny thing is, this cookie isn’t known in China!

Fried Rice
Chinese food recipes not always need difficult ingredients. You have some leftover rice and vegetables from yesterday dishes? Don’t throw it away! With those leftover ingredients, you can cook the delicious fried rice easily. This food also can serve as a vegetarian menu.


Cantonese Roast Duck
This is a menu that always available in any Chinese food recipes. Duck can be considered as a royal dish in China, especially Peking duck. However it costs a fortune, so you can substitute it with Cantonese duck for much cheaper price. Try this Chinese roast duck recipe, which is very delicious and tasteful.


The above Chinese food recipes with pictures are just few examples from our collection. Browse the category (on sidebar) for more delicious and easy to cook recipes.

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